The Next Chapter.


In 1929, The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company made history to facilitate a necessity by engineering the single largest dry storage facility on the region and a microcosm of the world at it’s core; New York City.

Taking center stage against the backdrop of the Empire and Garden State Skyline, the eight-story structure totals 1.3 million square feet accessible via 23 high-capacity elevators. Ready for any challenge, including the test of time, each level of this iconic structure consists of reinforced concrete 1.5’ thick, providing the strength to withstand a staggering 17 ton 10’ x 10’ floor load.

Today, history repeats itself with a vision redefined for the 21st century. With over a quarter century of expertise, This Is It! introduces the first multifaceted full service industry hub designed to facilitate the collective needs of the concert touring, event production, entertainment & mobile marketing industry.

THE LACKAWANNA EASTERN TERMINUS, The first full service storage space, work place, and home located right within the shadow of the city that never sleeps.